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The Impact Of Technology On Change Management - 1257 Words

This presentation is about the use of technology in change management. We will review how technology facilitates changes management. Then recommend best practice for changing management. This presentation begins by analyzing the report by Mondal (2011) called â€Å"Entrepreneurship in U.S. Auto Industry: Ford Stay Ahead.† Henry Ford is the founder of Ford Motor Company. As a successful entrepreneur Ford’s practice included technological innovation for cost cutting measure, introduction of new products, expansion of new market and created new economic organization. Using Schumpeter’s five factor model we will analyze entrepreneurship around innovation. Ford’s Technology in Change Management In Ford’s initial years, innovation technology was used to remodel the most popular model cars; this increase profit for the business. It used to take Ford 14 hours to build the T model car; he reduced labor cost using a time known as â€Å"mass production method.† This method reduced the assembly time to1 hr. 33 minutes. This innovation technology reduced labor cost for the new Model T (Mondal, 2011). Entrepreneur take risk: by creating new products, adapts to new production process, create new market, and create new technology and economic for an organization. According to Michaelides Kardasi (2010) development depends upon â€Å"innovation.† This concept includes an introduction of new goods, new methods of production; the opening of a new market, conquest of a new source of supply and carries outShow MoreRelatedChange Management Of Information Technology Environment1384 Words   |  6 Pages Change Management in Information Technology Environment – Procedures Ganesh Banda Wilmington State University Change Management in Information Technology Environment – Procedures Change Management can be explained as the process of implementing a ‘Change’ in any organization to meet or satisfy various constraints. Change management constitutes three aspects to deal with: adjusting to change (-building up an organized methodology for reacting to change requests in any Organizations)Read MoreKnowledge Management Process The Organization1561 Words   |  7 Pagesalso known as knowledge management. In this, the organization is enabled to grow, adapt to changes and meet customer demands. The information age has a most certain influence on how the organization manages knowledge. This is true of whether that knowledge is unique to the organization, or shared to external organizations. Today there are various ways to collect and compile data and turn that data into useful information; however, without the use of knowledge management, then data, informationRead MoreBlack Swan Events: Global Emergency Management Essay examples1205 Words   |  5 Pag es As emergency management leaders for the 21st century, we need to develop new risk assessment and management models to factor in the â€Å"unthinkable† globally impacting ‘black swam’ type events, using satellite imagery, and all the other technology and resources available to better enable us to forecast and plan for these type of events, with the view to minimize their impacts. These technologies should be globally linked, like a global warning system similar to a Tsunami early warning system. AccordingRead MoreImpact Technology Has Brought on the Management of International Finance680 Words   |  3 PagesFindings : To identify the positive and negative impact that changes in technology have brought on the management of international finance. With internet being one of the developments of IT, the results showed that it has culminated in improved customer convenience. Yet despite other advances in the management of IF, this arm has thrashed to fully control the power and promise of technology, with the customers looking forward to solutions that are not only faster and cheaper, but that also providesRead MoreManagement Of Information Systems ( Mis )1431 Words   |  6 PagesManagement of information systems (MIS) looks at combining technology users, the technology itself and the processes used in order to complete a certain goal. In order to manage the systems, strategic direction is critical in tracing the strategic goals of any organization. Careful crafting of investments in the global IT offers Microsoft an opportune to have increased control as well enhanced coordination. In addition, this has enabled the organization to have access to global markets. On the otherRead MoreThe Theory Of Management And Management1690 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Management is one of the remarkable activities within human society began with a group or to an larger organization that are able to accomplish a same goals and objectives, by defining what is management and how is important to human being society many management theorists have produces (many models that can be used for successful organization change and winners respond to the past and complexity of change and adapt learn and act quickly (Mildred,G. Sonia T. 2008 ) different theoriesRead MoreImpact of Change on People1629 Words   |  7 PagesIT Management | Change Management | | The Impact of Change on People | | Shabnam Shakiliyeva | 4/20/2012 | | Content Introduction ...........................................................................................3 1. The impact of change on people...................................................3 2. Transition Leadership...................................................................4 3. How To Manage People Through Change..........................Read MoreThe Impact of Technology on Organizations1167 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Organizational Technology Plan: Since the world of technology is making the world to become a global village, many organizations and businesses are capitalizing on technological advancements to enhance their organizations. The impact of technology on organizations has extended to improve relations within the organization and improve the ability of the organization to serve its clients or customers. Notably, the influence of technology has extended to the point that its impacting the shape ofRead MoreHuman Resource Management and the Impact of Information Technology1361 Words   |  6 PagesHuman Resource Management and the Impact of Information Technology Is the impact of information technology changing Human Resource Management? Information, technology impact is changing the whole concept of how the work place is managed, and I will point out the changes and enhancements to Human Resource Management and the employees. The information technology can save everyone time and expense once he or she learns how to use it efficiently. Human Resource will be impacted more than any otherRead MoreHow Human Resource Planning Is Different From Manpower Planning? Essay1494 Words   |  6 Pagesthat it has adequate number of skilled and suitably trained employees at all times, to perform the tasks of the organization efficiently and help it to achieve its goals. This is a process, which continuously runs in an organization. It adapts the change, which means that it keeps on changing its strategies so as to meet the uncertain conditions in an organization. Its main aim is maintain quality of workforce; therefore it requires skilled and experienced employees. Aim of Human Resource Planning:

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The Stained Glass By Kate Chopin - 863 Words

Through the Stained Glass Feminism is the idea that woman are equally the same as men politically, socially, and economically. During the 1900’s feminism was unheard of at the time but Kate Chopin an American author who was widely known for her short stories and novels challenged that idea. Chopin would have her characters test the way society viewed women and have them embrace those feminist ideals despite Chopin killing off her main characters. Because of this there was very little her editors could do without angering her readers. In modern day society we do not judge so easily like we did before; if an un-happy wife is suddenly widowed, becomes rich, and lives happily ever after it is totally accepted because society is more progressive than it was in the 19th century. In Chopin’s The Story of an Hour, we begin the story of Mrs. Mallard hearing the terrible news of her husband’s sudden death. Completely in shock Louise sat on her cushion chair at an open wind ow grieving for her husband. She was full of emotions when she begins to have feelings of freedom and independence. Louise then realizes that though she has lost her husband she kept whispering to herself, â€Å"Free! Body and soul free!†. Josephine, Louise sister, begins to get worried and starts peaking through the keyhole of her door that Louise locked herself in, she then asks Louise to get out of the room or she will get ill. Louise opens the door and holds her sister as they walked the stairs. And there he stood

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Why Plagiarism Is Bad free essay sample

Plagiarism: Plagiarism comes from a Latin word meaning â€Å"kidnap†. Many people have given different meanings to the term plagiarism. Plagiarism is the worst form of fraud a student can be involved in. All students are advised to avoid this at all times. Plagiarism is caused by unfamiliarity with what they are supposed to be writing about or what they are learning about students are advised to familiarize themselves with the topics they are supposed to write about in advance. In my case I did not copy but I let people copy my paper and I did not make the right decision because not only did I cheat them out of their education but I put myself in a situation where I could get in trouble. Plagiarism is bad because it shows dishonesty. When committing plagiarism a student in the class will end up hurting himself or herself because he or she has not practiced the learning skills needed for future work like Assignments are also given to evaluate students on how well they understand their material. We will write a custom essay sample on Why Plagiarism Is Bad or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page By committing plagiarism, a student ends up hurting other members of that class who did the assignments by themselves. It should be understood that getting credit undeservingly is being dishonest to them self and other classmates. When a person is granted a certificate, diploma that school is making a clear statement that the person has a certain skill and knowledge, however if at some time in your time at that school you got involved in plagiarism then it is not as true. Plagiarism is harmful to the reputation of the person who involves in it, his or her reputation will not be good when they are trying to get into a college. By allowing or participating in this a person becomes unprofessional which leads to the bad reputation. Plagiarism may lead to students being kicked out of school It is important to know that plagiarism is also breaking into copyright laws this means that schools and publishers can file lawsuits against you. Those who are lucky to get away with plagiarism at an early stage might be tempted to practice it at an advanced stage, which can come back to haunt them. The recent rapid growth of the internet has sky rocketed plagiarism to greater heights, it is estimated that over 30% of all students in the US plagiarize at least one of the assignment they complete. This has led to websites that check for plagiarism and also teachers that are very aware about plagiarism. Schools have tried to fight this problem that has been growing for a long time. A common attempt to get rid of this is teachers that have signed statements by students at various points of the school year to verify the originality of their works. By going against these agreements, a student can has to accept any punishment that might be on the statement. Many schools have been forced to use plagiarism detection software for any submitted assignment. This is done so that the assignments can be searched for possible plagiarism. The most used website for this kind of software is Turnitin Company which also offers guidelines on how to avoid plagiarism. Another common policy employed by many institutions is to notify the author whose works have been plagiarized. In this case, the student will most likely face the force of the law. This has been a success in many schools (mainly colleges) because many people fear being brought to the person’s face of whose work they plagiarized Consequences can be put on any person suspected of plagiarism. These include a reduction in the grade of the assignment, a reduction in the grade of the student, a fail grade for the assignment and a fail grade for the student. One or more consequences may be given to any student. Any teacher can do this with the plagiarist’s agreement. The administrators can also give consequences. Some of the common administrative consequences include; suspension, expulsion or multiple sanctions. Suspension is the separation of a student from the other students for a period of time. After this period is over, a student will be allowed back to school.

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Healthcare Delivery System Bhs 450 Module 4 Slp free essay sample

BHS450 Module 4 SLP The children’s healthcare program in Maryland is called the Children’s Medical Services Program (CMS). The requirements for eligibility are pretty cut and dry. You must be between the ages of 0-21 years of age with a disability or chronic illness that needs medical evaluation and/or monitoring. The child must be a Maryland resident, and the parent’s must meet the CMS Program’s income requirements. The income eligibility scale provides several examples to assist future beneficiaries in seeing if they qualify for CMS for their child. They provide the following: †¢Ã¢â‚¬Å"If a family of three has an annual income of $35,000, the family’s annual income would qualify the child for the CMS Program. We will write a custom essay sample on Healthcare Delivery System Bhs 450 Module 4 Slp or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page †¢If a family of three has an annual income before medical expenses of $38,000 and has made annual payments for eligible medical expenses of $2,000, the family’s annual adjusted income of $36,000 would qualify the child for the CMS Program. If a family of three has an annual income before medical expenses of $38,000 and has made annual payments for eligible medical expenses of $600, the family’s annual adjusted income of $37,400 would not qualify the child for the CMS Program. †¢If a family of three has an annual income before medical expenses of $47,000, the child would not qualify for the CMS Program regardless of the amount of annual payments for eligible medical expenses. (Maryland State Health Department) They must not qualify for any other source of health insurance, or must have health insurance that does not meet all of the child’s special medical needs. CMS covers a broad array of medical services to include Laboratory Services, Radiology, All ergy/ Immunology, Cardiology, and Oncology. Other services require special conditions. For example, Dental Services are only provided if the child has a specific condition related to dental care. Also, Neurobehavioral treatment is limited on to the medical diagnosing of a disorder. A plus that is also included is Plastic Surgery for children who suffer from a cleft lip or palate. Besides the few medical services that are limited, CMS provides routine healthcare to those children whose families need the assistance. Based on residency, age and financial situation, CMS accepts many children under its wing. References: TRICARE Prime. Retrieved on July 18, 2010 at http://www. tricare. mil/mybenefit/home/Medical/Costs? plan http://www. tricare. mil/mybenefit/Download/Forms/Prime_HB_09_L. pdf

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Homeland security and border patrol free essay sample

Homeland security is one of the main departments that keeps the United States safe. Homeland security locks down the United States and keeps illegal’s from entering and monitors that the U.S does not go under attack. During the making of the department of homeland security the U.S Border Patrol merged into a new agency called US customs and Border protection known as CBP. The old tradition of border patrol was always known for detecting and preventing the entry of illegal aliens in addition to the smuggling of illegal contraband into the county, but a new high priority mission came into lay when the terrorist tried to enter their weapons into the United States. Keeping the boarders of the U.S safe is an extremely dangerous job. The duties of duties border patrol men include to be alert 24 hours seven days a week. Border patrols missions take place on horseback, land, sea, and in the air. We will write a custom essay sample on Homeland security and border patrol or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Over the year’s border patrols mission has increased it not only operates within the interior of the United States but also now monitors the roads and even airports where illegal aliens concentrate. Since border patrol takes so much concentration additional powers have been added to help U.S officials protect its borders. From the time before the constitution was even written the function of United States Border Patrol was an essential element to our country’s security. It was the day of July 4th 1776 that out country became independent from England, and the country’s security was born. Back in 1904 when Teddy Roosevelt was president of the United States the â€Å"mounted inspectors† were assigned by the commissioner general of immigration to patrol the southern boarders. At the time only 75 mounted inspectors were on duty to guard all the American borders. The mounted inspectors were given no supervision or orders which forever changed when the Poncho Vila and Prohibition took place. The Poncho Villa was a civil war that raged in Mexico between 1910 and 1920 which averred U.S army troops to encamp along the southwest borders when there was rumors of raiders coming into the country from Mexico. The attack took place in Columbus NM when peasants entered looking for food, in the end only 18 Americans were killed along with an unborn child. Today’s border patrol has expanded tremendously with over 11,000 agents on the line of duty. More than 9,500 agents are stationed along the United States southern boarder because, it is noted that 99 percent of all illegally entering citizens are citizens of Mexico. While it is important to stay on high alert during the day the U.S Mexican border is the most dangerous at night. Most illegal aliens cross the border at night, and murders are perpetrated at night. The triple barrier system is where agents have the most trouble due to the fact they can become trapped in between the barriers making it easier for attackers to make it over the fence. The United States government has funded a program that increases security which includes U.S border patrol agents. U.S border patrol agents work alone, and depend on their own instincts along with the support of new technology including cameras to protect them from danger. Camera systems are implemented with zero time delay systems in between images and each camera uses data link with the use of commercial delivery trucks to scan anything that passes through the border. Camera use is one on the main key elements to successful border patrol which are grouped into five categories. These five categories Include daylight cameras, low light cameras, IR night vision cameras, FLIR cameras, and Range Gated cameras. Daylight cameras offer reasonable resolution, but cannot see through fog, rain or snow and usually see the same as a human eye. Low light cameras are similar to daylight cameras except they can provide an image with just moon light. IR night cameras are cameras that have a light source that the human eye cannot see. FLIR cameras use infer red sources that monitor heat that spots humans due to body heat and heated objects such as bombs. These cameras are used at night to spot people in cars or people walking without ones knowing there getting watched . Range Gated cameras reflect light beams off of objects which reflect beams of light back to the camera sending back and image of the object. All these cameras listed play a big role successful border protection. Along with Border Patrol Homeland Security was put into action full force after 9/11. The Department of Homeland Security got stronger and the U.S  Customs and Border protection was fully mobilized in 36 hours after the attack. Both of their enterprises evolved to better defend against intruders and terrorists attacks. Both systems started working directly with law enforcement agencies, state and local leaders, community based organization, private sectors, and international partners. DHS (Homeland Security) focused on getting resources from Washington DC into the hands of state and local enforcements to help them identify threats. State and law enforcement agencies are usually the first ones in position to notice any signs of planned attacks. Homeland security informs police and front line with the understanding the behaviors or unmoral situations, and what to look for in terrorist activity. Another enterprise through homeland security is the private sector outreach which is an integral component through the engagement of protecting the United States. DHS works closely with international partners to have multiple organizations and global business to strengthen the security of the U.S similar to having eyes and ears all around the world. Homeland Security has enhanced security not only in airports but by working with foreign governments administrating global supply chains across the country. In closing they turn to the public that play a key role to strengthen the enterprise and to raise public awareness indicators about terrorism and crime which leads to the motto â€Å"if you see something say something†.

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3 Ways to Double Up When Converting Passive Constructions to Active Ones

3 Ways to Double Up When Converting Passive Constructions to Active Ones 3 Ways to Double Up When Converting Passive Constructions to Active Ones 3 Ways to Double Up When Converting Passive Constructions to Active Ones By Mark Nichol Revising sentences so that they’re more active isn’t mandatory, but strive to make most of your passively constructed sentences more dynamic- and while you’re at it, don’t overlook opportunities to give a sentence more than one burst of energy. 1. Now that you have the business activities and conflicting activities defined, the associated privileges can be assigned to those activities. This sentence is easily rendered more active by repurposing the adjective defined as a verb and fortifying the bland verb have with it: â€Å"Now that you have defined the business activities and conflicting activities, the associated privileges can be assigned to those activities.† Even better, make the sentence imperative and therefore more forceful by beginning the main clause with the verb rather than the noun phrase: â€Å"Now that you have defined the business activities and conflicting activities, assign the associated privileges to those activities.† 2. There will still need to be thought given to understanding how conflicts of interest are identified and managed. Avoid beginning a sentence with a vague expletive; start with a noun: â€Å"Thought will still need to be given to understanding how conflicts of interest are identified and managed.† Better yet, enable the more active basic form of the verb give by employing the key noun at the outset: â€Å"Management will still need to give thought to understanding how conflicts of interest are identified and managed,† and explicitly stating that management itself identifies and manages conflicts of interests, rather than implying some vague actor, will strengthen the sentence even more: â€Å"Management will still need to give thought to understanding how it identifies and manages conflicts of interest.† 3. These have been in place for about ten years, with compliance actively monitored through annual assessments undertaken by a qualified assessor. Using with is a weak way to start a sentence or a clause. Easily strengthen a statement by converting a dependent clause into an independent clause; simply change with to and and insert a form of the verb â€Å"to be†: â€Å"These have been in place for about ten years, and compliance is actively monitored through annual assessments undertaken by a qualified assessor.† Better yet, in addition to employing the first half of this easy fix, fortify the second clause by making the actor, rather than the action, the subject: â€Å"These have been in place for about ten years, and a qualified assessor actively monitors compliance through annual assessments.† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Style category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:50 Slang Terms for MoneySelect vs. Selected8 Great Podcasts for Writers and Book Authors

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Assigned topic Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Assigned topic - Research Paper Example In Socrates discussion with Thrasymachus that followed, he first cleared that it was compulsory for people to abide by rulers and just like other people were prone to make mistakes in formulation of these laws. So the times when rules have made a mistake and people are claiming it as justice than it won’t be interest of stronger. In that case when people claim justice abiding by the rule of state or the ruler it won’t be for the interest of stronger but would actually cause injury to those in power. This might be unintentional but clearly states that Thrasymachus claim of justice only being interest of stronger is not always abided by. This is what they agreed upon at the end of discussion. Book 2 According to Glaucon, what do people praise instead of justice? Why? The best way to living by Glaucon is when men have done and suffered injustice and they come to a mutual ground which would be called as lawful and just in the society. Ring of Gyges is explained by Glaucon a nd is termed as a mythical magical artifact. This has this divine and strange power that makes its owner invisible. He says that every man believes in his heart that doing injustice would give more benefits that acting by laws of justice. If someone gets the ring of Gyges and doesn’t use it as mean of injustice he would be termed foolish by others. This is the reason people praise injustice because they believe that it will give them more benefits. Paper 2 Politics is a broad term which includes Strategy, economics, and rhetoric and since it includes all of the other sciences, it is called the master of art. It involves people who in a certain way control lives of people as they make legislations which make things happen and tell people as what they ought to do or what they should stop doing. This is what brings man to a good end. A young man is full of action and passion and his interest are mostly on the basis of action rather than knowledge. Moreover, his experience in lif e would be in general rather than specific to this political science and he would be good with life in general terms but not specifically with political science. Happiness can’t be identified with honor since that would end of man’s political life. For a man, honor is basically assurance of his goodness and men with practical wisdom are the ones who seek honor. Virtue however is related with inactivity according to Aristotle and no one would call such a person as happy and hence honor is not related to happiness. Happiness according to him comes with all noble acts and it is impossible to do Noble acts without proper equipment and therefore it is important to have external goods to create happiness. Virtues are intellectual as well as moral. Intellectual wisdom includes philosophic wisdom, understanding and practical wisdom would be included in intellectual wisdom whereas liberality and temperance are said to be part of moral virtue. Moral Virtue is a mean between two vices and lies between excess and defect and also a mean between passion and action. This would simply mean choosing the in between pathway. Paper 3 Prodigality and meanness are two words that Aristotle explained on the basis of wealth. Meanness according to him is the excessive desire and lust for wealth than there should be in a normal person. However, Prodigality is a complex termed described by him. These are those men who spend money on self-indulgence and they are basically

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Barge Haulers on the Volga Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Barge Haulers on the Volga - Assignment Example This is because they are hauling the large boat upstream against the water currents and the sun is overhead. The figures of the men are positioned at the centre of the painting. At the background of the painting there are clouds seen from a distance and on the ground, there is water seen in the background where the men have pulled the boat from. Their landscape is also shown from a distance. The source of light is on top of the men as this is shown in their short shadows (Bolton, 2010). The shadows of the men are almost beneath them showing that the source of light was on top of them. The landscape in the background helps to prove and show the direction of the river and its currents. It clearly shows that the men are pushing the bought upstream. The tonal range of the painting is medium as their colours used are not so striking. The artwork has a blue tonal range because of the water and there is also some yellow standing out depicting the source of light. In the art, I see the eleven dressed in rags and they are also bound with leather harnesses. The painting brings out both the appreciation and celebration of men’s fortitude and dignity and at the same time, it highly condemns the people who sanctioned the inhumane activity. As much as the painting shows them to be accepting the men are defeated. Their faces and posture in the painting show physical discomfort. In the painting I only see one person coming out strongly. It is the youth who is brightly coloured and he seems to fight against the binds of leather and he appears to take a heroic poise (Cohen, 2008). He has raised his head to stare into the distance. This shows he has hope that there is redemption coming. The inverted Russian flag clearly shows that whatever is happening is not right or allowed. There is movement in the artwork and this is showed by the currents of water. The men also seem to be in motion hauling the boat. The artist has made the two-dimensional wor k to look as if in the third dimension by use of shades of colour.  

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Histories of Photography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Histories of Photography - Essay Example Therefore, using cameras, ethnographers during this period were able to capture all the aspects of a community’s culture, which were observable and manifest (Torresan Web). Therefore, the camera, and overall photography was considered a neutral way of the ethnographers’ collection of objective data. During most part of the 19th Century, photography was characterized by various challenges, as far as ethnography is concerned. For instance, low technological advancements in photography had rendered cameras to be heavy and expensive, and the film was considered a volatile tool. These and other factors resulted in some ethnographers arguing against use of photography in ethnography. However, in the 20th century, with increased technological advancements in photography, most of the technological problems experienced previously were resolved. This therefore, led to an increased usage level of photography in ethnography. For instance, ethnographers used photography as a tool fo r documentation. This would include recording videos of rituals, of which their details would be lost, if an ethnographer took notes only (Torresan Web). Through this, ethnographers are able to gain greater understanding of case studies. In the ethnographic studies in the 19th and 20th centuries, ethnographers held the ideological assumption that culture is manifested through symbols that are visible, and which are embedded in gestures, artifacts, rituals, ceremonies, and natural and constructed environments. The people in a community are considered as the actors in culture, which presents itself as a script. With this therefore, ethnographers believed that photography was an essential way of revealing the intangibles of social life, which include facial expressions, pauses in speech, body gestures, and tonal variations (Torresan Web). It was impossible to capture these using written ethnography; thus making photography to be core to ethnography. Part 2 From its time of invention, t here had been a great debate on whether to or not to consider photography as an art form. Different artists had varied views and arguments on whether photography was an art form or not. One of the most important early advocates of photography as an art form include Le Gray. This was a trained artist, who was highly influential in early photography. In 1852, Le Gray wrote, â€Å"The future of photography does not lie in the cheapness but in the quality of a picture. If a photograph is beautiful, complete, and durable, it acquires an intrinsic value before which its price disappears entirely. For my part, it is my wish that photography, rather than falling into the domain of industry or of commerce, might remain in that of art. That is its only true place, and I shall always seek to make it progress in that direction† (Drogoul Web). This therefore, shows Le Gray’s justification of photography as an art form. On the other hand, Henry Peach Robinson was one of the most pro minent photographers of the 19th century. Like Le Gray, Robinson felt that photography deserved to be respected as an art form. He therefore, was involved in different association of artists, which promoted photography as an art form. In addition, Robinson wrote various texts, in which he promoted photography as a form of art (Harry Ransom Center Web). Oscar Gustav Rejlander was another important artist, whom many

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Stereotypical Gender Characteristics

Stereotypical Gender Characteristics How Stereotypical Gender Characteristics are Shaped by Society Generally, when comparing the differences between males and females, you immediately think of their biological body parts. However, there is another way to differentiate males and females; by their behaviours. Males and females are commonly associated with opposing characteristics. That is to say, men are generally seen as being more aggressive while women are associated to being more nurturing (Shaw, 150 class lecture, Oct 19). What is it exactly that creates this difference in behaviour? Some sociologists suggest that it is due to biological factors. However, I believe that these differences in behaviour are the result of societys influences. The social process known as gender socialization is established in early childhood and further developed and supported throughout life (Shaw, 150 class lecture, Oct 19). At an early age, you are introduced to gender differences by your parents. Throughout your childhood and adolescence, these gender roles are supported by the media, the school s and your peers. If you consider some of the other cultures in the world you will notice that the behaviours of the males and females there arent the same as what we expect here in North America (Haaland Schaefer, 2009). I believe that gender isnt defined by ones biological sex but rather the stereotypical behaviours that are constructed by society. In this essay, I will be addressing a few important agents of socialization and their impact in constructing these stereotypical gender roles. Parents: The first agent of socialization From the moment you entered this world, your parents applied social and cultural stereotypes about femininity and masculinity on to you (Haaland Schaefer, 2009). They did so by pre-selecting the colours of your room, your wardrobe, the toys you play with and when you were old enough, they designated certain chores for you to do (Peters, 1994). All these factors played a crucial role in the gender socialization process. For all you girls, your parents probably gave you a pink room, made you wear dresses and gave you dolls and easy-bake ovens to play with. They probably described you as being â€Å"pretty†, â€Å"cute†, â€Å"sweet† or â€Å"angelic† rather than being â€Å"tough†, â€Å"rugged† or â€Å"strong† (Haaland Schaefer, 2009). In a study about the distribution of chores at home, the boys were more likely to end up with maintenance, yard and car work where as girls were more likely to be given housework like laundry and dish washing (Peters, 1994). Because of this designation, boys and girls grow up performing the tasks that they are more familiar with. When you consider the types of toys that parents buy for their children, you will notice a general trend. Boys tend to get cars, trucks, building blocks and action figures (Martin, 1998). The toy cars and trucks establish an early interest in vehicles. The building blocks emulate construction work and architecture. The action figures not only suggest physical play but they also illustrate the ideal body image of men. If you look at the male action figures these days, they all illustrate exaggerated muscular characteristics (Haaland Schaefer, 2009). It is likewise for the girls. However, instead of getting cars and blocks, they get Barbie dolls and baby simulation dolls. The Barbie dolls had equally exaggerated body images. They left the impression that girls needed have ultra thin figures (Haaland Schaefer, 2009). These toys all served a common purpose of establishing what it means to be a â€Å"boy† and a â€Å"girl†. Parents also had control over what movies and TV shows they wanted their kids to watch. This leads to the next agent of socialization; the media. The Subtle Messages Expressed by the Media The media has a very strong influence in gender socialization. When I say the media, I am referring to Disney movies, Saturday morning cartoons and video games. Disney movies were a huge part of every childhood. In a video regarding the gender stereotypes portrayed in Disney films, men and women were commonly portrayed in regards to their stereotypes (Shaw, 150 Lecture). That is to say, men were all illustrated as brave, muscular, aggressive people who always save the day with physical violence. Women were portrayed as being thin, delicate, helpless people who always needed to be saved by the males. Children are very impressionable, so of course they will want to be just like their favourite Disney characters. How will they go about doing this? By emulating these stereotypical behaviours. Cartoons and video games only help to support these stereotypes (Dietz, 1998). In cartoons and video games, you are more likely to see male protagonists who save the day. Also, you are very likely to see females either as the support character who cheers on the male protagonist on his goals or as the helpless damsel in distress. Video games are no different. Take the Mario brother for example. Here you see two male heroes who have to save a princess from a monster. Movies, cartoons and video games are all the same in the sense that they either lack representation or misinterpret females (Butler, Ciccone, Petrin, Rawlings, Yi, 2002). Peer Pressure and the Hidden Curriculum The next major agents of socialization are the peers and the school. It is through the parents and media that the gender roles are learned. It is at school with teachers and friends that these gender roles are reinforced. In the study conducted by Martin (1998), she observed the daily behaviours of pre-school students. Martin noticed that the boys tended to play with building blocks where as the girls liked to play dress up. When it came to clothing, boys wore primary colours, black, green and orange (Martin, 1998). Girls were commonly seen to be wearing pink. It was observed that about 61% of the girls in the class were wearing pink and roughly 25% were wearing dresses. The girls were frequently complimented by the teacher as looking very pretty and cute (Martin, 1998). Another aspect that Martin examined was the typical sitting behaviour of the children. This was classified as being either relaxed or formal. It was observed that 80% of the boys sat â€Å"relaxed† while 82% of the girls sat in a â€Å"formal† manner (Martin, 1998). Martin also noticed that the teacher reinforced formal sitting behaviour more strongly for the girls than for the boys. Not only were the teachers supporting appropriate gender behaviours but fellow peers were as well. In this situation, one little girl wearing a dress-like shirt is leaning her body over to create a â€Å"tunnel†. As she leans, her shirt rises up exposing her back. This is when another female student comes and pulls the shirt back over her bare skin and gives it a pat to keep it in place (Martin, 1998). This illustrates two things: one of them is that fellow peers reinforce the â€Å"appropriate† gender behaviours and that these â€Å"appropriate† behaviours are already imbedded into children at a very young age. These â€Å"appropriate† gender behaviours are continually followed and further developed throughout elementary, secondary and post secondary. In an experiment conducted on university students (Haaland Schaefer, 2009), students were asked to behave in ways that they regarded to be violating gender norms. Even at the university level, these students identified the same associating gender behaviours as they would have in their childhood. Cultural Differences Lead to Differences in Gender Behaviours Although you may believe that all males and females act as we expect them to, you are not entirely correct (Haaland Schaefer, 2009). Gender behaviours vary from culture to culture. An anthropologist by the name of Margaret Mead explains her findings in favour of gender socialization. If biology did in fact determine the differences between the sexes then cross-cultural differences, like the ones that Mead encountered, should not exist (Haaland Schaefer, 1998). In her studies of three different cultures in New Guinea she noticed that the behaviours of the males and females differed quite significantly (Haaland Schaefer, 2009). Mead describes the typical behaviours of the three cultures: â€Å"In one [the Arapesh], both men and women act as we expect women to act-in a mild parental responsive way; in the second [the Mundugumor], both act as we expect men to act-in a fierce initiating fashion; and in the third [the Tchambuli], the men act according to our stereotypes for women-are catty, wear curls, and go shopping-while the women are energetic, managerial, unadorned partners.† As we can see, the different cultures are a crucial factor in determining the differences in behaviours between the sexes. If males and females were biologically meant to act and think in a certain way, then there wouldnt be so much variation between cultures. Conclusion In North America, we have the perception that males need to be aggressive, macho and muscular while females are thinner, smaller and more nurturing. These perceptions are taught to us at an early age and are reinforced throughout our lives. Starting from childhood, we begin to learn about and emulate these gender behaviours. With the help of our parents, Disney movies, toy figures, school and peers, these gender behaviours are more strongly embedded into our minds. Gender differences are constructed by societys influences. Mead clearly observed the presence of cultural conditioning and its effects on the three different cultures in New Guinea. Although our sexes are biologically defined, the way we associate our behaviours and characteristics are not. Our socialized genders are defined by the culture and society that surrounds us. Bibliography Butler, A., Ciccone, A., Petrin, M., Rawlings, T., Yi, W. (2002). Gender Role Socialization and Inequality. 360-361. Retrieved from Dietz, T. L. (1998). An Examinationof Violence and Gender Role Portrayals in Video Games: Implications for Gender Socialization and Aggressive Behaviour. Sex Roles. (38). 425-442. Retrieved from Haaland, B., Schaefer, R. T. (2009). Sociology: A brief introduction. (3rd Canadian Ed.). Canada: McGraw-Hill. Martin, K. A. (1998). Becoming a Gendered Body: Practices of Preschools. American Sociology Review. (63) 494-511. Peters, J. F. (1994). Gender socialization of adolescents in the home: research and discussion. Retrieved from

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Alcoholism Essay -- Alcohol Addiction Dependence

Alcoholism Alcohol Dependence is a disease characterized by: a strong need or compulsion to drink, the frequent inability to stop drinking once a person has begun, the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms (nausea, sweating, shakiness) when alcohol use is stopped after a period of heavy drinking, and the need for increasing amounts of alcohol in order to feel an affect. Most experts agree that alcoholism is a disease just as high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis are diseases. Like these other diseases, alcoholism tends to run in the family. Drinking alcohol is not the only factor that leads to alcoholism, it is a chronic disease that leaves an everlasting effect on the person's life and his family. The basic difference between the social drinker and the alcoholic is the way he drinks and the effect alcohol has on him. How much a person consumes is not the determining factor. An alcoholic might not have drink for a month, but when he does, he cannot stop. A social drinker could have a drink a number of times per week. That does not make him alcoholic. A problem drinker drinks to escape from unpleasant realities whereas the social drinker drinks to complement an event. The alcoholic becomes both physically and psychologically addicted to alcohol. The social drinker does not. Therefore, I have been researching to gather the facts that distinguish a social drinkers and an alcoholic and what divides people into these two categories. In other words, why do people belonging to these two categories have different effects on them? Alcoholism 2 is a disease and that is why alcohol has different effects o... ...ted Hanna, Eleanor & Grant, Bridget. Alcoholism. Clinical and Experimental Research 1999: p513-22. Lieb, J. & Young, P. TREATMENT OF ALCOHOLISM AS A CHRONIC DISORDER. EXS 1994: 349-59 Martin, Don & Martin, Betty. The Ultimate Wine Book. California: Pine Cone Press, 1993. Miller, K. A Case-Specific Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 1994: 35-44. Niemela, O. Oral Nalmefence HCL for Alcohol Dependence. Alcoholism, Clinical & Experimental Research 2006: 1162-7. Parker, Frederick. A Comparison of the Sex Temperament of Alcoholics and Moderate Drinkers. American Sociological Review, Vol. 24 January, 1959: 366-374. Ries, Janet. Public Acceptance of the Disease Concept of Alcoholism. Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Vol. 18, No. 3 Sep., 1977: 338-344. Alcoholism Essay -- Alcohol Addiction Dependence Alcoholism Alcohol Dependence is a disease characterized by: a strong need or compulsion to drink, the frequent inability to stop drinking once a person has begun, the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms (nausea, sweating, shakiness) when alcohol use is stopped after a period of heavy drinking, and the need for increasing amounts of alcohol in order to feel an affect. Most experts agree that alcoholism is a disease just as high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis are diseases. Like these other diseases, alcoholism tends to run in the family. Drinking alcohol is not the only factor that leads to alcoholism, it is a chronic disease that leaves an everlasting effect on the person's life and his family. The basic difference between the social drinker and the alcoholic is the way he drinks and the effect alcohol has on him. How much a person consumes is not the determining factor. An alcoholic might not have drink for a month, but when he does, he cannot stop. A social drinker could have a drink a number of times per week. That does not make him alcoholic. A problem drinker drinks to escape from unpleasant realities whereas the social drinker drinks to complement an event. The alcoholic becomes both physically and psychologically addicted to alcohol. The social drinker does not. Therefore, I have been researching to gather the facts that distinguish a social drinkers and an alcoholic and what divides people into these two categories. In other words, why do people belonging to these two categories have different effects on them? Alcoholism 2 is a disease and that is why alcohol has different effects o... ...ted Hanna, Eleanor & Grant, Bridget. Alcoholism. Clinical and Experimental Research 1999: p513-22. Lieb, J. & Young, P. TREATMENT OF ALCOHOLISM AS A CHRONIC DISORDER. EXS 1994: 349-59 Martin, Don & Martin, Betty. The Ultimate Wine Book. California: Pine Cone Press, 1993. Miller, K. A Case-Specific Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 1994: 35-44. Niemela, O. Oral Nalmefence HCL for Alcohol Dependence. Alcoholism, Clinical & Experimental Research 2006: 1162-7. Parker, Frederick. A Comparison of the Sex Temperament of Alcoholics and Moderate Drinkers. American Sociological Review, Vol. 24 January, 1959: 366-374. Ries, Janet. Public Acceptance of the Disease Concept of Alcoholism. Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Vol. 18, No. 3 Sep., 1977: 338-344.

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Arthur Miller, A View from the Bridge Essay

The relationships in ‘A View from the Bridge’ are very complex as because of people’s attitudes back then. There is secrecy, suspicion, love and concern. Eddie is weirdly attracted to Catherine and his relationship with his wife Beatrice deteriorates. The relationship between Eddie and Catherine is very close, although they are not immediate family Eddie has become a surrogate father and thinks of himself as her real father. He is very protective of his daughter and would probably die for her, but this first innocent love perverts into a weird incest like love for his niece. Eddie still treats her like she is five although she is going out into the big wide world, this shocks Eddie and it makes him closer to her and more possessive which turns ugly when Rodolfo is introduced. At the start of the play Eddie has a go at his daughter about what she is wearing, ‘Catherine I don’t want to be a pest†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.  Walkin’ wavy’. This shows he has genuine concern for his daughter similar to how modern fathers would react today; this is more of an example to show how much he loves her like a father rather than a lover. He also doesn’t want to let go for his ‘daughter’ and tries to shoot down any discussion of a job, ‘near the navy yard†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. Longshoremen’ he is unreasonably disagreeing with any suggestions of a real job for Catherine which just amplifies his blatant love for her. Catherine and Beatrice’s relationship is very different to the relationship between Eddie & Catherine, Beatrice wants the best for Catherine and wants her to go get the job and wants her to leave, and she is more positive than Eddie and less caring for her. This could be that she was not as committed to the adoption of Catherine compared to Eddie, but also as she has had less to lose because Eddie has paid for her to go through school and to live, whereas Bea is probably getting a little sick of her hanging about. She is very supportive of Catherine’s independence ‘Well I don’t understand when it’s going †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. It’s an honour for her’. Catherine is also less fond of her and cares more for her uncle as he is the man of the family and provides for her and doesn’t feel for Bea as much because she had less of a role in bringing her up over the years. The relationship between Bea and Eddie starts of normal as the play starts innocent and all happy families but hen as the play progresses Bea starts to notice changes about how Eddie is acting towards her. As Eddie is spending more time chasing Catherine around he is spending less time with his wife and she becomes distraught and upset and also starts to understand why this is happening. Because of Bea realising his it explains why she is so keen for her to become independent and leave because it would be better for everyone if she did leave. ‘When am I going to be a wife again Eddie? ’ shows how upset she is becoming and Eddie doesn’t seem to care about her and tries to ignore the conversation and not provide her with a straight answer. The play basically steers the whole relationship systems so that Eddie and Bea come off worse while Eddie and Catherine gets better. It is obvious that Eddie starts to stop caring about Bea and more about Catherine; Catherine doesn’t seem to notice the weird attraction that Eddie has towards her and carries on like normal. And the more she is around the worse Eddie will get and the more attracted the will become. So Arthur miller presents the family as a normal generic happy family that during the course of the play deteriorates into a weird perverted relationship.

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El Teatro Campesino and the San Francisco Mime Troupe essays

El Teatro Campesino and the San Francisco Mime Troupe essays By and large, the art form deals with the aesthetic whereas political endeavors are often related to logic yet as societies around the world developed, the mergence of the art forms with the other facets of knowledge have become common. The mergence of theatrical art that is stage performances, with politics is one of these instances and has come to be known as political theaters. Political theaters according to the Wikipedia Encyclopaedia (2003) are basically dramas or performances that emphasize on political issues in its theme or plot for a politically conscious society. The basic premise is to raise the issue in public and make them aware of the problem. According to author Mary Thomas Crane (2001) in her analysis on what comprise of performances in theaters, notes that political theaters often address social behaviors and through the performances focus on the effects of political authority on social cohesion and structure. The purpose of these performances is to either resolve conflicts within the society or address the legitimization of the changing social norms. Early political theaters originate from the Greeks and as Western civilization developed renowned names like Jonson, Valpone and Shakespeare are also associated with the same. In more contemporary societies, however, the nature and production of political theaters changed as these are performed in amphitheatres, on the streets or projected through the various modern Two of the most important political theaters in American history are perhaps the Political Theatre of El Teatro Campesino ( and the San Francisco Mime Troupe ( under the leadership of Luis Valdez. What make these two theaters landmark in the history of political theater is the fact that it started during the 1950sa period when America had been striving to establish stability amidst civil rights movements ...

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A Legendary Super Bowl XLIX Party

A Legendary Super Bowl XLIX Party Even if you aren’t a big football fan, the Superbowl is about way more than just the Patriots and the Seahawks. This year’s Superbowl is the best excuse to turn February 1st into the most epic party you have ever thrown. All you need is some great food, some cool decorations, and a handful of grown-up party games to make this year’s Superbowl one that will live in infamy forever! Super(Bowl)snacks The most important thing for any good Superbowl party is the food. Of course, you’ll need to have wings and chips, but you need something spectacular to set your party apart from the competition. Consider some of these delicious options: Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers All you need for this recipe is a half cup of cream cheese, a half cup of Sharp Cheddar, a few jalapenos, and a package of bacon. Mix your cheeses together and then cut your jalapenos in half, long-ways. Fill up the insides with the cheese mixture and close them up again. Wrap the up in bacon and pop those babies in the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Instant mouth party! Spicy Meatball Sliders These are so simple and delicious, you’ll be making them long after game day’s come and gone. Grab your favorite packaged meatballs – some of our favorites are Cooked Perfect by Home Market Foods (Walmart) and Armour Homestyle Meatballs (Sam’s Club) – and a can of your favorite marinara sauce. Then, grab a few mini-hamburger buns and a package of pepper-jack cheese. Warm up your meatballs and sauce while you toast your tiny hamburger buns in the oven or toaster. Put a meatball and a dab of sauce on each bun, then cover with a half slice of cheese. Voila! A perfectly delicious slider. Football Cake Pops It’s not really a party without cake. For your epic Superbowl party, make it even more fun with cake on a stick! All you need is a boxed cake mix, vanilla frosting, semi-sweet and white chocolate chips, and popsicle sticks. Just bake your cake as directed, then cool and crumble into small pieces. Mix the crumbles with  ½ cup of frosting and make into football shapes. Melt your bag of chocolate chips with 2 tablespoons oil. Then, spear your football cake balls and dip into the melted chocolate mixture. Let cool and drizzle melted white chocolate on top. They’re fast, delicious, and so adorable that everyone will be talking about them for weeks to come. Super(Bowl)style It doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to make your dorm room or apartment the perfect pad for an unforgettable Superbowl party. All you really need is some creativity, some basic supplies, and a couple of hours! Yard Line Tablecloth Make your serving or coffee table look just like the football field in less than 10 minutes. Grab some brown wrapping paper, or old Christmas wrapping paper that has a white back. Then, cover your table with the plain side up. Now, use a ruler to mark out yard lines. This is great for discussing plays, playing finger football, and just making your room look cool. Astroturf Coasters Grab yourself some astroturf from (about $1 per square foot), and cut out circles or football shapes to use as coasters. You can also use it for a doormat or accents on your serving table. Super(Bowl)fun One of the great things about the Superbowl is that it can be a lot of fun, even if you’re not a huge football fan. Whether you’re in it to win it, or you just want to have a couple of laughs, here are some epic Superbowl activities that will keep your party live all night long. Superbowl Taboo This is a really fun drinking game that will ensure your guests are invested in the game. When your guests arrive, hand each a card with a word, phrase, or action on it that is sure to be used throughout the evening. Then, as the game begins, have each guest read their card aloud. Then, as the word, action, or phrase is mentioned throughout the game, that person must drink. Some ideas include: Words: Penalty, Turnover, Green Bay, Seachickens, Colts Phrase: â€Å"That’s gotta hurt,† â€Å"Let’s see that one more time,† â€Å"What’s your major?† Actions: Kicker misses, A coach’s face turns rage-purple, A guest asks where the bathroom is Superbowl Bingo The commercials are often one of the best parts of a Superbowl, and you can use this to your party’s advantage. In this game, each guest gets a card with randomized Superbowl commercial terms on it. Then, as commercials are played, guests cross off and/or drink when one of their types of commercials is shown. Have some other party ideas to share? Or a great Super Bowl party story to tell? Write the comments below!

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GASTROESOPHAGEAL Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

GASTROESOPHAGEAL - Essay Example The high prevalence GERD in combination with the relatively high cost of medication of acid lowering medication leads to a significant socioeconomic burden to the patient. The symptoms are classified into typical, atypical, and esophageal symptoms. The typical symptoms are the heartburns and regurgitation of acid which have low sensitivity but high specificity for GERD. The atypical symptoms are epigastric pain, nausea, dyspepsia, belching and bloating though they may overlap with other diagnosis of other diseases such as peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, achalasia, gastroparesis and dyspepsia. Lastly, there are the extraesophageal symptoms which include chronic cough, laryngitis, asthma, and dental erosion. It is important for the physician to take into consideration of behavioral and physical factors when making decision about the management of the disease for the patient with symptoms of persistent reflux (Kahrilas, 2012). The following lifestyle habits may lead to GERD and increase its risk. Theses includes obesity, smoking, exercising or strenuous activities immediately after eating, Lying down staring or bending over after eating. In addition, the consumption of the following beverages may lead to the increased risk of GERD; namely, excessive consumption of alcohol, products that are caffeinated, citrus fruits, chocolate, fried foods, foods made with tomatoes such as chili, spaghetti sauce, and pizza and finally the spicy foods. Eating a heavy meal and then lie on the back or bend over from the waist. The respiratory disease may also be a risk factor of GERD. Finally, the hormone replacement therapy may lead to high risk of GERD as it may occur in the postmenopausal women. The risk increases with the larger doses of estrogen and longer duration of the therapy. Pregnant women are also vulnerable to GERD in their third trimesteras the growing uterus exerts

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Heroism English Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Heroism English - Essay Example As the world has become technologically advanced, and knowledge has thrived, use of mind has taken over the use of physical force to a large extent. As a result of this, there has occurred an expansion, if not a change in the definition of a hero. A hero in the 21st century is not necessarily physically strong and powerful, but he is emotionally intelligent and brave, and is able to fight the evils the community or society is suffering from to pacify the society. Sheikh Zayed was the leader who made a difference in people people’s life. In 1971, Sheikh Zayed invited six presidents from different regions in order to have one strong country instead of several weak ones. He succeeded by establishing the United Arab Emirates and being the first president (, 2009). Sheikh Zayed was a wise leader who dealt with the union progress patiently. He turns the United Arab Emirates from the state of chaos to a powerful country in thirty years. He focused on educating people. Also, he helped many countries to fight against their rights and problems. He made various decisions that influenced many countries such as Palestine issue. Sheikh Zayed was a lovely leader who drew a smile on his people faces. He worked hard in order to achieve his goals. Heroism is a very large concept that has many definitions. Being a good leader and guiding people to the right path might be a part of the heroism definition. Sheikh Zayed was a great example. He made many important decisions that led him to be a hero. Sheikh Zayed was a smart and wise leader. I want to do my best to develop my personality and learn his values. Learning from Sheikh Zayed is my goal. I want to be a leader who could make a different in other’s life. Sharing love and respect in the main key as Sheikh Zayed taught us. Working hard is an important value that I want to develop. Improving my personality is main focus since I have a great example of a hero going to be easier. A hero like Sheikh Zay ed has very high emotional intelligence. He can talk a lot to people easily and never runs short of thoughts on any topic. One trait of hero that I have is that I can speak to any kind of person in such a way that he starts considering me his friend. This makes me think that Sheikh Zayed and I commonly possess emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is about knowing what it takes to reach people’s hearts. Since my childhood, I have had a lot of friends. Anywhere I go, I make friends. This helps me build relationships and contacts. In the present age, social networking works a lot. You get to know the right person to approach at the right time for the right purpose. Another trait of a hero that I possess is bravery. Bravery comes from confidence. The fact that I have so many friends speaks of the confidence I have. It is the very confidence that has built bravery inside me. I say to people who I think like, not what they necessarily want to hear. Although this puts me i n tough situations sometimes, yet I know how to come out of them using my emotional intelligence. My friends often tell me that one thing they like me for is bravery, which is what makes me think that I am brave. Bravery does not only mean being bold. It means that one is able to put his view in front of the world and hold on to them in spite of all opposition and criticism which arises. I know that I am brave because I never step back from my decision when I am sure I am right no

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Windows Server 2012 Deployment Proposal Research

Windows Server 2012 Deployment - Research Proposal Example â€Å"Windows Server 2012† is an updated operational tool, which is mainly employed for conducting various tasks with dynamic recovery options. Apparently noted, there lay numerous features of Windows Server 2012 through which WAI can reap significant advantages in the context of getting its internal IT services configured. In this regard, the new facets of Windows Server 2012 can be apparently observed as improved storage, better networking facility, wider remote access, developed server administration, enhanced efficiency, along with fostering innovation and broader flexibility and agility among others (Microsoft, n.d.). It is anticipated that with better execution and incorporation of the aforementioned features, WAI can be able to get its internal IT related services configured with utmost efficacy. Deployment and Server Editions Based on the scenario provided, it can be ascertained that WAI will have two sites particularly in Los Angeles and New York. Since the company will start with 90 employees, the employment of two servers will be sufficient for getting its internal IT services configured. It is worth mentioning that the roles, which will be combined within the requisite two servers, include â€Å"Active Directory Certificate Services†, â€Å"Hyper-V† and â€Å"Active Directory Domain Services† (ADDS) among others. In this similar concern, the role of ADCS will involve in facilitating the servers towards offering certificates to the clients. On the other hand, â€Å"Hyper-V† will play the role of installing as well as configuring the support services within the two servers.

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How does Shakespeare present conflict at the start of Romeo and Juliet Essay Example for Free

How does Shakespeare present conflict at the start of Romeo and Juliet Essay Explain how Shakespeare presents the theme of violence in this part of the play. The first thing to note about this scene is that it takes place right at the start of the play. I think that this scene exists to set up and highlight one of the key conflicts in the play as a whole. It takes place after a serious fight between the Montagues and Capulets. This fight’s prime instigator is Tybalt who when asked by Benvollio to help him keep the peace says: â€Å"What drawn and talk of peace. I hate the word, As I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee: Have at thee, coward!† Clearly then this is a deep seated conflict that is responsible for disturbing the peace in Verona and it is the Prince’s job to restore order in this scene. Therefore right at the start of the scene he calls them ‘profaners’. This is very emotive language and helps to underline the Prince’s contempt for both of the families and their conflict. The audience when they hear language like this will then associate both families as being not being very religious and being opposed to God and His purposes. The contempt that the Prince and the audience is supposed to feel for both of the fighting families is further emphasised in the description of their swords as ‘neighbor-stained steel’. Clearly what the Prince is trying to highlight here is that both families are behaving in a very selfish immature way and are showing an unchristian regard for their neighbours. Therefore violence is shown in this scene as being something that is pointless, stupid and going against God. Following on from this the theme of violence is further emphasised through the Prince’s use of a rhetorical question: â€Å"Will they not hear?† I think that Shakespeare deliberately uses this technique here to demonstrate how unthinking both families are in their hatred for each other. It is clear that the hatred between them runs so deep that they cannot and will not listen to people who are trying to mediate between them and trying to keep the peace. This is further emphasised later on in the line by the Prince describing them as ‘beasts’. I think that Shakespeare deliberately uses this word to help emphasise just how nasty the violence between both families are. A beast is an animal. Therefore, to the Prince, the unthinking violence between them has gone so far as to take away their humanity. Again in the next line Shakespeare has further emphasised the Prince’s dislike and animosity towards both families and even how fed up he is with their constant quarrelling by using the emotive language of: â€Å"your pernicious rage’ This helps to underline that to the Prince it is both families’ actions that are having a harmful effect on his city and that they are gradually being very destructive through their actions. According to the Prince the only thing that will help to cool the men’s emotions down and will stop all the violence is: â€Å"purple fountains issuing from your veins† What the Prince means here is that only by the men’s spilt blood will they calm down. This does not seem like an effective way to keep the peace and helps to show that for some reason violence has become a way of life for the people involved the quarrel. What is the cause of all this violence the audience would naturally ask at this point in the speech? It is clear that, according to the Prince, that the cause of most of the violence is merely an ‘airy word’. The connotations of ‘airy’ are something that is unsubstantial, something that is barely even there. Therefore the portrayal of violence in this part of the play by Shakespeare is of actions that don’t have a cause, that are incre4dibly harmful and don’t seem to be about anything much in particular. Surely then we as the audience will slightly sympathise with the Prince and his role to help keep the peace. This can be seen later on in the play when Tybalt gets into a fight with Mercutio. One of the key moments in the play is when Tybalt says: â€Å"Mercutio thou consortst with Romeo† This could be seen as being just friendly ‘banter’ however to both families it is seemingly jokey things people say to each other take on huge significance. For me then these ‘airy words’ have a huge impact because the strong sense of pride these characters have and how they are unable to let things slide. I think this helps to underline what I think is the big lesson that Shakespeare is trying to teach us about violence in the play and that is that is that violence is often seen by people who are not taking part or who are innocent bystanders as being pointless and damaging.

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The Truth about Single- Sex Schooling Essay -- Argumentative Persuasiv

Single-Sex Schooling Single-Sex Schools have been looked down upon by many due to the belief that students will not be able to function comfortably with the opposite sex when leaving to go to a coeducational College or University. This belief is usually also partnered with the thought that single-sex schools represent segregation, many people do believe that these types of schools promote the separation of males and females. Some also may believe that all single-sex schools are in fact private, meaning that tuition for these schools are expensive, and cater to the wealthy. However, all of these beliefs are far from the truth. Not only are single sex schools offered in public education, but studies have also shown that attending single-sex schools can be very beneficial in succeeding both academically and socially. Single-Sex education is especially beneficial for young females. This type of education offers females a more comfortable way of learning, students feel more comfortable asking questions and sp eaking up in a classroom setting. Also, teachers can focus on gender issues facing young females today, such as body concerns as well as focusing on more challenging subjects for young girls. Through studies made from various single-sex female schools, as well as the research made through comparisons to coeducational schools, the belief that single-sex school as being a bad idea is shown to be not only incorrect, but also a completely misguided belief. Unfortunately, for many adolescent and teenage girls? eating disorders and body concerns are very prevalent. However, according to a study made by Janel Messinger, a The Truth about Single- Sex Schooling representative from the Department of psychology at the City Universi... looked into the fabulous opportunities that their child could experience, traditions are formed, friends are made, and the education the students will have will truly last a lifetime. Works Cited: Blair, H. & Sanford, K. (1999). Single-sex classrooms: A place for transformation of policy and practice. pp.4-9. Retrieved on April 14 from Eric/EBSCO. Dollison, R.A. (1998). A comparison of the effect of single sex and coeducational schooling arrangements on the self-esteem and mathematics achievement of adolescent females. pp. 6-9. Retrieved on April 12 from Eric/EBSCO. Haag, P. (2000). K-12 single sex education: What does research say? pp.2-5. Retrieved on March 23 from Eric/EBSCO. Messinger, J. (2001). Gender and body concerns in adolescent females: Single sex and coeducational environments. pp. 5-9. Retrieved on February 28 from Eric/EBSCO.

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Christy Girl :: essays research papers

â€Å"Christy Girl†   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Howard Christy was known for his famous â€Å"Christy Girl† exemplifying proud American values and beliefs believed to be consistent with every American female. He became known for his work on war posters to support enlistment for the armed forces. This poster targets the male half of the population, particularly young (teenage) boys.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Here we have a picture of a â€Å"Christy Girl† dressed in a United States Navy uniform with a sailors hat on her head. She exemplifies grace and charm as she says â€Å"Gee! I wish I were A MAN I’d Join the NAVY!† In this cartoon she is saying that by joining the Navy you will be considered a man. This war poster is aimed at young boys. The government was trying to get anyone they could for the war effort and around this time younger and younger men were enlisting in the armed forces. Because the â€Å"Christy Girl† was so highly looked upon for her strong American values, having her grace the front of a war poster would perhaps encourage people who had not previously thought about enlisting to then do so. A female figure is wearing a traditionally male outfit. At this time Navy sailors were thought of as being men. Having a Christy Girl wear a Navy Uniform was a good way to get the young men’s attentions. Patriotism is not real ly being appealed to in this poster. Surprisingly enough this poster shows no flag or any other symbol conventionally thought of as being â€Å"patriotic.† Most war posters are customarily thought of as being similar to the â€Å"Uncle Sam Wants You!† poster with red, white and blue splashed all over the paper.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Finagle A Bagels’ upside-down organization chart Essay

1.What does Finagle A Bagel’s upside-down organization chart suggest about the delegation of authority and coordination techniques within the company? Finagle A Bagels’ upside-down organization chart suggests that the people who are normally on top, support the people who are at the bottom, such as the general managers and workers. This gives general managers the authority to do whatever it takes to alleviate problems in their stores or increase sales. 2.Is Finagle A Bagel a tall or flat organization? How do you know? Finagle A Bagel is a Flat Organization. Flat organizations generally are more responsive to customer demands since decision making power may be given to lower-level employees which is what Finagle a bagel does. Whereas tall organizations have many layers of management which can cause communication to be distorted as if flows from one manager to next before reaching the employee dealing solely with the customer. 3.What values seem to saturate Finagle A Bagel’s corporate culture? The values that seem to permeate Finagles A Bagels’ corporate culture is team work, positive work ethic and strong a support system. 4.Why would Finagle A Bagel build a dough factory that has more capacity than the company needs to supply its stores and its wholesale customers? A reason why Finagle A bagel would build a dough factory that has more capacity than the company needs would be to account for future business growth. By purchasing a factory that is able to produce more then what they currently need, they are leaving open the option of expansion without having to spend more revenue on another factory to compensate for growth.

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Surgery by text message - Emphasis

Surgery by text message Surgery by text message For once, a positive story about text messaging is doing the rounds. A surgeon has instructed another to perform an amputation through the short message service (SMS texting to you and me). The details have the ingredients of a classic news story. Surprise for one (most stories about texting are negative eg blaming it for killing the English language). Then there is Death and destruction (the BBC reported that the surgeon who carried out the operation did it in war-torn Congo); and Heroism (he was working for Medecins sans Frontieres). And theres the fact that the amputation (Drama) was to remove the arm of a 16-year-old boy (children are also usually very newsworthy). Lets be clear. This was undoubtedly a huge achievement, especially as the teenager recovered from the operation. Its also remarkable that cheap technology can now be used to transmit written instructions into warzones. But was it me, or did James Naughtie of the BBCs flagship Today morning radio programme sound just a little disappointed when vascular surgeon Mr David Nott explained what really happened? Mr Nott had needed to perform a four-quarter amputation on the boy, whod already lost most of his arm. This was major surgery, which involved removing the collarbone and shoulder blade as well as what remained of the arm itself. But the reason for needing the instructions was not that hed never performed an amputation before. Rather, it was that there was only one specialist in the whole of the UK who specialised in four-quarter amputation: Professor Meirion Thomas of Londons Royal Marsden Hospital, a former colleague of Mr Nott. Mr Nott did not perform the operation with a scalpel in one hand and his mobile phone in the other, as you might infer from press reports. Instead, hed calmly emailed Professor Thomas the night before the operation, explaining the situation and checking with his former mentor that the procedure was appropriate. When he got confirmation that it was, a couple more texts followed to check the details. He then slept on the decision and confirmed that he would go ahead when he awoke the next morning. Nor was Professor Thomas on holiday in the Azores, as the BBC and several newspapers said; he was in London. (Naughtie muttered something along the lines of, Oh, well we got that from the papers.) There are two lessons to take from this. First, it will help you get news coverage for your organisation if you make sure your press release contains as many core news values as possible. Second, most news you read or hear reported is far from objective. The BBC was still reporting nine hours later that the boy was from war-torn Congo. This was despite the fact that, according to Mr Nott, his injury had nothing to do with the war: the boys arm was bitten off by a hippo. Emphasis runs courses on writing for publication. Contact us for details. For more on getting press releases noticed, click here.

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Music Everywhere essays

Music Everywhere essays The rhythm flows through ones head. It can be viewed many ways, but effects everyone differently. This naturally occurring and man made miracle cant be summed up in just one short essay. Yet many have and will continue to try. Its carried across millions of airwaves everyday. Yet, if we had never experienced it before, would we miss it? I am writing about music. I feel that music is more than a sound. Its a way of life, a way of expressing ones inner emotions, feelings and thoughts. Many songs express deep emotions like anger, sadness, love and happiness. The song Have You Ever by Brian Adams expresses love. The song Bad Boy Killaz by Tupac expresses extreme hatred, anger and aggravation. Such other songs as All the Small Things by Blink 182 convey feelings of happiness and humor. Songs such as those above greatly express the emotions of the artists. The words of a song can express feelings thoroughly. I could not imagine a world without music. A world without music is a world of silence. Imagine watching a television show without background music. Imagine turning on the radio only to find people talking. Imagine driving down the street hearing only the sounds of your own and the surrounding vehicles. Music is everywhere, whether you notice it or not. A few simple sounds around you can unite in a marvelous symphony. It can even occur in a movie theater. The sound of someone playing with a straw, then the sound of someone else reclining in a squeaky Seat, and yet another persons feet struggling with the sticky floor. One other persons constant shushing brings it all together as a unique song. Music is the perfect way to convey any message. The message can be carried through various beats and words. In conclusion, I feel that there is a type of music that is special for everyone. ...

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An Interactive Food Web Game for the Classroom

An Interactive Food Web Game for the Classroom AÂ  food web diagram illustrates links among species in an ecosystem according to who eats what and shows how species depend on one another for survival. When studying an endangered species, scientists must learn about more than just one rare animal. They have to consider the animals entire food web in order to help protect it from the threat of extinction. In this classroom challenge, student scientists work together to simulate an endangered food web. By assuming the roles of linked organisms in an ecosystem, kids will actively observe interdependence and explore the repercussions of breaking vital links. Difficulty: Average Time Required: 45 minutes (one class period) Here's How Write the names of organisms from a food web diagram on note cards. If there are more students in the class than species, duplicate lower level species (there are generally more plants, insects, fungi, bacteria, and small animals in an ecosystem than large animals). Endangered species are assigned only one card each.Each student draws one organism card. Students announce their organisms to the class and discuss the roles they play within the ecosystem.One student with an endangered species card holds a ball of yarn. Using the food web diagram as a guide, this student will hold the end of the yarn and toss the ball to a classmate, explaining how the two organisms interact.The recipient of the ball will keep hold of the yarn strand and toss the ball to another student, explaining their connection. The yarn toss will continue until every student in the circle is holding at least one strand of yarn.When all organisms are connected, observe the complex web that has been formed by the yarn . Are there even more connections than students expected? Single out the endangered species (or the most critically endangered if there are more than one), and cut the yarn strand(s) that are being held by that student. This represents extinction. The species has been removed from the ecosystem forever.Discuss how the web collapses when the yarn is cut, and identify which species appear to be most affected. Speculate about what might happen to other species in the web when one organism goes extinct. For example, if the extinct animal was a predator, its prey may become overpopulated and deplete other organisms in the web. If the extinct animal was a prey species, then predators that relied on it for food may also go extinct. Tips Grade Level: 4 to 6 (ages 9 to 12)Examples of endangered species food webs: Sea Otter, Polar Bear, Pacific Salmon, Hawaiian Birds, and Atlantic Spotted DolphinBe ready to look up different species on the internet or in textbooks to answer questions about an organisms role in the ecosystem.Offer a large-sized food web diagram that all students can see (such as an overhead projector image), or pass out one food web diagram to each student for reference during the challenge. What You Need Food web diagram for an endangered species (See examples in Tips section.)Index cardsMarker or penBall of yarnScissors

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The Impact of Sports on Politics and Cultural Representation Research Proposal

The Impact of Sports on Politics and Cultural Representation - Research Proposal Example Likewise, sports have increasingly incorporated elements of politics and nationalism, depending on the public sphere in which they represent. This can be effectively elucidated by the move by the Sri Lankan theatres to adopt a play that stages in the form of cricket. In this case, cricket is a significant element of the Sri Lankan public sphere. The same case applies for various forms of public spheres across the regions of the globe. The eventuality of these has been that the growing relationship between cultural elements, sports and, and national politics. In turn, even the spectators to all these bring themselves out as the subjects of the nations. In close reference to UK, the subjects of concern have pertained to the question of culture and politics, in relation to sports. In the UK, sports are viewed as an area where everyone can venture and succeed; hence, may be referred to as the source of unity. However, upon close examinations, the UK sports are also a form of divisiveness , as well as exclusion. This is what may have sparked irrational fears, especially from the neighboring nations with groups with similar orient. Some sports have been associated with elite groups, especially those by the Anglo-non-indigenous groups. In other cases, some sports have spectatorship to certain sports have either been dismissed on the account of feminism, such as belonging to men or women hence, delimiting the interests. As such, this has tended to exclude the indigenous groups, who also view such sports as pure legacies of colonialism. Whether it would ever be possible for spectators to cheer sport teams on the virtue based on how they are organized, rather than as a nation is an issue subject to debate. Sport is presented as a symbol of cultural orientation, political empowerment, economic empowerment and nationalism, and the spectators are drawn to act as nationalists. However, not all have supported this view. This has been in consideration to the fact that a there i s general lacking understanding of the link between sports, politics and cultural orientation. Moreover, the sense of nationalism is increasingly being diluted by the immigration and establishment of Diasporas, as facilitated by the trending wave of globalization. The proposed research project shall discus the impacts of sports on cultural orientation and politics. Objective/Purpose of the Study The key aim of this study is to establish the link between sports, politics and cultural orientation. This way the proposed study shall seek to establish the impacts of sports on politics and cultural orientation. Research Questions The following research questions shall be considered: What are the effects of sports on the identity politics? What are the impacts of sports on different cultures? Does politics influence on the way politics of any given country play out and how closely related are they? Do the histories of politics, culture and sports have any link? Significance of the Study Su ccessful completion of this research work will come with a lot of significance to a lot of people, especially the politicians, those affected by culture, as well as the sportsmen. First, data, results and conclusions from this research shall serve as updated literature on politicians and sportsmen within the population size targeted for this research work. To a large extent, this research shall help in coming out with new models on the type or kind of challenges sportsmen go through as they try to overcome

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Choose a 1-2 paragraph passage from ancient Roman times and write a Essay

Choose a 1-2 paragraph passage from ancient Roman times and write a commentary on it - Essay Example This need to declare publically one’s belief during worship is emphasized in the bible, under the book of Romans 10: 9-10: I believe in God the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth. The first line of the creed offers a description of God as omnipotent and the maker of all that is in the heavens and the earth. This statement is meant to establish God as the creator and the only force behind creation and put an emphasis on his power. It also gives the origin of humanity and supports the Christian belief that God made man from his own image. This means that every human being was created in the likeness of God, and all persons are equal before the eyes of the Lord (Cooper 1). God is all-powerful and has the control of everything that exists in the universe. This is a quite contrast to some pagan beliefs, especially those found on most eastern religions, of two gods of equal strength. This first line exists to refute these claims and establish God as the only Supreme Being, whose power is unparalleled in the universe (Jones 6). And in Jesus Christ, His only son The second line defines Jesus Christ as the embodied son of God (Inyang 2). This is because many religions that were opposed to Christianity disputed the existence of Jesus Christ; leave alone the belief that he was the son of God. Other religions, such as Islam, consider Jesus to have existed as a mere minor prophet or a teacher. This statement therefore refutes this claim and places belief on Jesus Christ as the only son of God (McFall 1). Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary? Jesus Christ, unlike any other human being, was born in a special manner. His birth into the humanly form was considered special because his mother, Mary, was a virgin at the time of his conception. The book of Matthew: 1: 23, in the New Testament, gives the prophecy of the birth of Christ. It states, â€Å"Behold, the virgin shall be with child and shall bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel, which translated means, ‘God with us’† (New King James Version, Matthew: 1: 23). However, distinction exists between the Christian Catholics and the Protestants about the status of Mary. The Protestants view Mary as the human mother of God as opposed to the Catholics who view Mary as the mother of God (Jones 6). Suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and buried Although there were some historical debates as to the necessity of including the Pontius Pilate in the Apostle’s creed, it was quelled down by his historical significance he played in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Rufinus 38). The reference to the Pontius Pilate also places importance on the necessity of time line. This is because the reference places Jesus at a specific place in that period. It therefore authenticates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Jones 6). He descended into hell This statement is somehow controversial amongst many Christian scholars because it was not present in the roman manuscript and is missing in most protestant manuscripts (Jones 6). The word ‘hell’ in this phrase also does not refer to the hell that is highlighted in the book of revelations, but rather it refers to hades. This phrase refers to the victory of Jesus against death. It shows that Christians need not fear death as Jesus had already won the war for them (Calvin 5). The third day He rose again from the dead; He ascended into heaven, and sitteth on the right

Review of literature in a nursing research proposal Paper

Review of literature in a nursing proposal - Research Paper Example The most important type of information for a review of a research proposal are usually findings from an empirical investigation. Generally, research findings usually sum up what is known about a particular topic, but the information from such reports is only of great value when these findings are integrated in a critical synthesis. When doing a literature review for your research proposal, one should rely mostly on the primary source of the research findings. This is usually descriptions of studies written by researchers who did the actual research. Secondary sources can also be used where primary sources are not available. They are usually not that credible as they are descriptions of studies done by someone else and not the original researcher. Secondary sources at times fail to provide the much needed details about the studies and they are seldom complete objective (Booth et al, 2003). When choosing a topic for a nursing research proposal, one should consider a topic of interest and also should be related to the field that one is working on. There exist numerous topics in the field of medicine and nursing that might be of interest to someone. For instance, some of the research topics that one may consider for a research may be teaching in the field of medical ethics or Nephrology. As such, one will be required to construct a research topic from these broad areas of study in the nursing field. For instance, you may convert these broad topics into research questions that will also enable you to conduct a research. In the field of Nephrology, you may come up with a research topic such as; Examining the role of a Nephrology nurse in homes and dialysis hospitals while in the field of medical ethics you may come up with such a topic; Relevance of medical ethics in today’s online world among others. Once you have the

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Hinduism Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Hinduism - Assignment Example There is no escape from gravity; likewise, no getting away from Buddhist and Hindu Karma. Karma can provide solace, more so to the poor as cosmic justice in due time, will ensure the oppressors are punished for exploiting them. However, the Karma idea in practice has more than often been destructive to national economies, society and individuals since its pronouncements are undisclosed. Only the results are evident. The west believes that Karma steps in avenging evil for evil and awarding good for good. An avatar in Hinduism denotes a bodily deity incarnation on earth. The god is able to incarnate at a specific place, and time appearing as a complete avatar or in multiple places simultaneously in which case, the god is represented by ‘amsha,’ partial avatars in a way that the main form god is in contact with partial gods. An avatar can be seen as accommodating the polytheism (many gods) and pantheism (god is all) concepts. The avatars can be taken to be intermediaries between God and man. Their purpose is passing message to people. As God in the past has appeared to pass a message, these avatars are used by God to pass a message. They also represent life and society evolution with metamorphosing epoch Kali Yuga from Krita Yuga. Hindu has several sects that at times differ in their belief especially on avatars. Therefore, an avatar may be taken with many gravities in one sect than the other. Some believe that all avatars are a representation of the immutable and indestructible god, Vishnu. Others differ and have more avatars, which may not be very significant in other Hindu sects. Hindu religion originated from Indians many years ago in thousands. Raised from other faiths, Hinduism may appear very complex, but key doctrinal principals of Hinduism are somewhat easy to comprehend. For a starter, Hindu believes in one supreme God, Brahma. They strive for knowledge of reality and truth, right actions and moral order while promoting tolerance. Many westerners

Smith Radiators Organizational Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Smith Radiators Organizational Strategy - Essay Example Jeff Brown’s letter to Smith informs us that other suppliers could supply radiators at a lower price than Smith Radiators. On the other hand, even though the organization had built a reputation for manufacturing reliable radiators, one cannot categorically state that Smith Radiators pursued a differentiation strategy. We cannot detect a deliberate management drive towards product improvement or innovation over the 30 or so years that it has been in existence. Secondly, it is noted that Smith Radiators has to be prompted to make an adjustment to its organizational strategy due to the external pressure from Automobiles of America, Inc. (AAI) – the company’s largest customer. Smith Radiator’s implied management failure to articulate a viable organizational strategy and its implied adherence to the particular strategy-structure relationship even though it was no longer relevant to the change in environmental conditions over the 30 years that it has had a relat ionship with AAI are consistent with factors that cause firms to resort to reactor strategies (Miles and Snow 82). That which we can detect though is that Smith Radiators’ HR practices are geared towards direct, process-based control in which the focus is on efficiency and cost containment. This strategy would have been a perfect fit if the organization pursued a low cost strategy. However, since we cannot categorically state that the organization pursues such a strategy, we cannot conclude that its HR strategy is a fit. Smith Radiators worker’s skills are not particularly unique to the firm and thus cannot serve as a differentiating source of uniqueness. The organization therefore exploited the fact that it has generic key employees to negotiate the â€Å"no layoff, no strike† policy in exchange for job security but with low wages with the union. Smith Radiators’ HR strategy and practices have so far enabled it to survive in the competitive market as i t has been able to keep its costs low. The challenge now though is that to meet the new AAI’s supplier requirements, Smith Radiators has to re-think and reformulate its HR strategy to fit the new Just-in-Time (JIT) requirements.